Undergraduate Admissions

School of Theatre

Image: “Catalyst” devised by the Collective (photo by Daniel Bastidas)

Admission to the School of Theatre undergraduate and graduate programs requires the submission of a formal application and either an audition or portfolio review. Prior to scheduling an artistic review, prospective students must submit their formal Boston University applications. The full application process is outlined below.

Please note: due to COVID-19, we will not offer any in-person Artistic Reviews this year. Please see the information below for our updated policies. If you have any lingering questions or concerns, please email theatre@bu.edu.

Step 1—Submit an application

Prospective students should submit an application to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions before moving forward with an Artistic Review. Students will not apply directly into a major program, but into one of our BFA core curriculums: Performance or Design & Production.

In the following step, you will be required to enter your University ID number (UID), a 9 digit ID beginning with the letter U when submitting your materials through Acceptd. You can find your UID on your MyBU Portal.

Generally, students will receive their BU ID# within three weeks after submitting their Common Application or Coalition Application to BU Admissions. Please contact BU Undergraduate Admissions directly for more information. The School of Theatre does not create BU ID numbers and cannot access them; contact BU Undergraduate Admissions.

Step 2— Prepare & Submit Materials via Acceptd

Upload materials to Acceptd here!

Step 3—? Ensure your FAFSA and CSS Profile are submitted

Boston University will meet 100% of all demonstrated financial need, and will do so for all four years of attendance. In order to do so, however, you must fill out the FAFSA and CSS profile.

Learn more about Boston University financial aid here.